Public Comment Period Recap / Public Hearing Dec. 3!

By 11/26/2019 News

Happy Thanksgiving Davidson! Many thanks to those that participated in the public comment period from Oct. 31 – Nov. 14. In addition to the Open House on Nov. 7, participants stopped by to provide feedback during “office hours” on Nov. 8-9 as well as sent comments in via email. These comments were recorded, themed, and integrated into an updated version of the plan now available online or in hard copy at Town Hall. The updated plan also includes comments made by the Livability Board, which recommended adoption of the plan at their Nov. 19 meeting.

Below is a summary of the public comment period highlights (with a list of next steps following):

  • Chapter 1, Our Vision & Planning Principles: Acknowledge that there are many different viewpoints in the plan; tweak vision statement slightly (“is” vs. “will be”); include additional words and make minor edits to current Glossary terms (Area Median Income – provide a value; Low Impact Development – add term; Best Management Practices – add term).
  • Chapter 2, Create & Conserve Places We Love: Ensure that language describing the protection of existing neighborhoods is clear and included at several points; continue to emphasize sustainability, such as improved lighting strategies and making the direction on executing a climate action plan clear/consistent with other implementation actions (i.e., “Develop a plan…” rather than “Consider developing a plan…”); integrate 251 South St. into the plan.
  • Chapter 3, Connect People & Places: Describe the existing transportation context more clearly; acknowledge previous parking studies summarized in Mobility Plan; improve the design of bus stops, especially by including “green” design features; note opportunities to improve lighting with regards to transportation infrastructure.
  • Chapter 4, Foster a Vibrant Economy: Make references to the Economic Strategic Development Plan clearer; look at expanding Main St. grant program; describe how non-profit partners are “key” to supporting economic goals.
  • Chapter 5, Serve the Community: Emphasize the importance of diverse housing types; acknowledge the current Affordable Housing Strategy report; revise partner logos to accurately reflect neighboring jurisdictions and entities.
  • Chapter 6, Implement What’s Next: Revise the “What If We” layout to make the text consistent; add a new idea related to developing a long-term fiscal strategy for how revenue is raised and spent.

Next steps for the plan include a public hearing on December 3 at 6:00 p.m. at Davidson Town Hall – residents and stakeholders are welcome to attend and share any additional thoughts they have. On December 16 the Planning Board will meet to offer a recommendation on the plan.