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During Part 3 of the Shaping What’s Next Multi-Day Workshop on April 3rd, participants took part in four activities:

  • Providing feedback on adjustments to Davidson’s planning principles,
  • Brainstorming about a vision for the town’s future,
  • Digging a little deeper into character and types of development through visual preferences, and
  • Reviewing and providing comments on a growth and conservation framework.

Activity 1: General Planning Principles Draft Adjustments (2)

This activity presents a revised set of planning principles for the Town of Davidson and invites you to make comments or share your ideas.

Activity 2: Vision Statement

A vision statement is the highest aspirational statement that communities make to describe the intended future outcomes of their plan. Please share one word that you would like to see included in the vision statement.

Activity 3: Visual Preference Survey

Based on input gathered at the April 1st workshop and April 2nd drop-in event, the following images were deemed preferred (or NOT preferred). Please share why you think this type of development character is preferred.  If you don’t think it works well, feel free to share your thoughts as well.

Activity 4: Growth and Conservation

The following map incorporates public input into the town’s current Planning Area Map to illustrate the story of growth and conservation policy in Davidson.

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