Meet the Plan Advisory Group

By 10/23/2018 December 6th, 2018 News

Davidson is undertaking an ambitious long-range planning effort to establish a vision and policies for the Town’s future. It is crucial that this plan be built on the values, needs and aspirations of the community. To ensure this happens, community members have been convened to guide the planning process.

The Plan Advisory Group will begin meeting in October 2018. The group represents a diverse group of community members appointed by the town to serve as community advocates for the vision, to provide guidance and direction regarding the visioning process and substance, and to serve as stewards of the vision once it is completed. Plan Advisory Group members include the following.

  • Stacey Anderson
  • Nora Barger
  • Brian Bumann
  • Dave Cable
  • John Chesser
  • John Cock
  • Pat Coleman
  • Carrie Craig
  • Ellen Donaldson
  • Tim Dreffer
  • Greg Eastman
  • Michael Flake
  • David Holthauser
  • David Howard
  • John Kennedy
  • Janice Lewis
  • Tim Mascara
  • Autumn Michael
  • Kelly Ross
  • Sarah Sax
  • Bob Sipp
  • David Sitton
  • Jana Watt