Back in the Swing: Fall Schedule

By 10/07/2019 News

We’re back in the swing of things here now – not only is fall officially underway (it has been for weeks!) it now actually feels like fall! And this year we’ve got big fall plans ahead:  The release of the draft comprehensive plan! Tonight, the town’s various advisory boards meet to review the draft plan and offer feedback. Members from the Planning Board, Livability Board, Design Review Board/Historic Preservation Commission, Public Art Commission, and Affordable Housing Committee will gather to review, discuss, and provide further guidance on the policies that will shape our community in the next several years. Below is a list of important dates and opportunities for community members to provide feedback. We look forward to your participation along the way!

  • 10.07 | Advisory Boards Review Draft Plan
  • 10.22 | Board of Commissioners Reviews Draft Plan
  • 10.31 | Public Comment Begins (Draft Plan Released)
  • 11.07 | Open House/Draft Plan Presentation
  • 11.14 | Public Comment Ends
  • 12.03 | Board of Commissioners Public Input Briefing + Public Hearing