Advisory Board Recap: Getting into The Details!

By 10/17/2019 News

Members from the town’s advisory boards met on Monday, 10/7 to review the draft comprehensive plan and provide feedback. They discussed a wide array of topics ranging from proposed policies and actions to formatting suggestions. Members offered constructive feedback regarding a number of items, including:

  • Emphasis on showcasing Planning Principle interrelationships, both in the front of the document but also at the end of each chapter;
  • Strengthening of specific links between the Planning Principles and Goals/Policies in each chapter, as expressed in the “How this Relates” matrix at the end of each chapter;
  • Use of a Glossary to define unclear technical terms or common phrases such as diversity or sustainability that represent different meanings depending on the situation, and what these words mean in the plan;
  • Clarification of context-appropriate and human-scale applications where they occur in the plan and what they mean in terms of building design; and,
  • Location and presentation of important themes identified in the plan.

Since the meeting the project team has worked to incorporate these and other points of feedback into the plan. An updated draft of the plan will be reviewed by the Board of Commissioners at their upcoming meeting on Tuesday, October 22. Additional edits will be made based on comments received from the commissioners, and the draft comprehensive plan will be released for public comment on Thursday, Oct. 31. This kicks off a two-week public comment period – which features an interactive public workshop on Nov. 7 – prior to the plan moving into its next phase (adoption). So, mark your calendars to participate!

Below is a list of key dates for this fall. Thanks for your interest and stay tuned!

  • 10.07 | Advisory Boards Review Draft Plan
  • 10.22 | Board of Commissioners Reviews Draft Plan
  • 10.31 | Public Comment Begins (Draft Plan Released)
  • 11.07 | Open House/Draft Plan Presentation
  • 11.14 | Public Comment Ends
  • 12.03 | Board of Commissioners Public Input Briefing + Public Hearing